Cellex C Review

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Cellex C is not so much one product as is a collective group of products, all of which claim to increase collagen and elastin. The manufacturers state that Cellex C has a patented "permeable vitamin C" that can greatly improve the appearance of the skin and decrease wrinkles. They also claim that cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists recommend Cellex C for matters relating to anti-aging and skin damage repair.

Cellex C skin correctives and anti aging skin lines promise to eradicate things like fine lines and cellulite with patented formulas that work quickly and effectively.

With Joan Collins as a spokes person, and Cellex Correctives lines starting at $83 -$150 dollars per vial one would have to believe it is indeed a miracle in a bottle - but does it work?

Cellex C Ingredients

Cellex C cellulite cream

Very little could be found regarding the full lists of Cellex ingredients, however, most Cellex distribution sites would reveal that the product had a mixture of minerals and vitamins that helped the skin look five to ten years younger.

The product also contains ascorbic acid, zinc, tyrosine and zinc. This combination is said to significantly rejuvenate the skin with chronic use.

Does Cellex C Work?

Vitamin C and L-ascorbic acid can enhance skin texture, and in time, yes, theoretically, one could assume that it will do what it says in regards to wrinkles. However, no significant verifiable data can be found to indicate how well the Cellex C formulation works to on cellulite, or even if it can truly make one look several years younger.

Another noteworthy missing piece of information is the consumer viewpoint. One cannot locate evidence that buyers have been satisfied with their purchases either way.

Cellex C: Our Evaluation

Cellex C seems to be a worthy product, but with a price tag of over $55 to $150 dollars, it isn't worth taking the gamble. Investigate the product for yourself, and should you decide to buy, keep in mind that you are taking a huge risk. Our advice is to look into several products before trying an expensive brand like Cellex C to get rid of your cellulite.

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